What Makes Britain Great #2

Posted on February 12, 2016

Watching the British is a popular pastime amongst ex-pats living here – in fact “people watching” is also popular with us Brits so apparently we’re good viewing!  Admittedly we do have some foibles, we can’t help it – but that’s what makes Britain GREAT!  This is the second in a series of blogs about the quirky things you’ll come across if you dare to visit the UK.  Here we talk about our love of a cup of tea:

  1. We love a cup of tea!

But we call it a cuppa and we only have it hot with Milk – Iced Tea is considered to be a ridiculous proposition and why on earth would anyone want to drink it black and with a slice of lemon? Yuck!  When someone receives bad news they will, before anything else,  be offered a nice cuppa as its bound to make everything much better (Tip: add more sugar depending on the severity of shock!).  When embarking on a long journey its customary to take a flask of tea.  We get through more than 150million cups every day and we’d literally be lost without it.

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