When you’re relocating, we want to ensure the whole family is supported, that’s why we offer a range of bespoke services that you can tailor to your exact needs.

We’ve helped countless families through the relocation process; and we’ll tailor everything we do to meet your own individual requirements.


If you are moving for a new job or coming to the UK for a personal reason for yourself, it can be an easier transition for you than for your spouse or partner. For them, the move may mean giving up their job and moving away from their support network. This is why we offer our 1-1 partner support services.

From practical help with visas, work permits, domestic services and tax, through to emotional encouragement, getting them excited about the opportunities for them here in the UK… and there are plenty of those… we’ll work to make sure they feel welcomed, supported and safe here.


When you are relocating as a family, finding the right school can be a challenge, and it plays a key part in your home search too.

As it’s a highly specialised area, we partner with the UK’s leading independent schools consultants to make sure you get the very best advice and information available.
Together, we listen to your aspirations, discuss your needs and provide detailed information to help you make the right choice, because we want you to be sure your children will be welcomed, cared for and happy in their new school.


We fully appreciate how much a part of your family your furry friends are, and moving them to a new country can be a worry. We’ll help and advise you on the necessary travel and legal arrangements, including accepted travel routes, to make sure you comply with all the regulations and your pet has a comfortable and quick transition.

Relocating with pets is not always an easy process, especially in London, where many of the purpose-built apartment complexes aren’t pet-friendly. However with our expert help we can find you a selection of pet-friendly properties to make sure the whole family is happy.
And, as we are animal lovers ourselves, we can advise about dog-friendly areas to live, places to take your dog for a walk, pet-friendly cafe’s, vets and a whole host of other day-to-day practicalities too!


Not only is it important to get you and your family to the UK in one piece, it’s also important that your belongings are packed, shipped and delivered with the utmost care and attention.

We only partner with the very best international shipping companies to provide the best value; and the best service.
We will oversee every stage on your behalf from survey to quote, to arrival into the port and delivery to your new address. We can supervise the delivery for you and even arrange for everything to be unpacked and installed.


Finding yourself in a new country, can be quite daunting. Do you shake hands or kiss on the cheek when you meet someone, what is considered polite, or rude, is tipping expected, what do you wear on the school run to fit in?
Getting even little things wrong can have a devastating effect on your confidence when you’ve just arrived in a new environment.

Which is why we can offer specialist cross- cultural training: so you can be sure that whether you’re shy or outgoing, artistic or sporty, like to dine out or simply want to enjoy our famous British pub culture, you will have the right social and cultural support to get the most out of every opportunity.


Once you’ve found your new home, we can help you with everything you need to settle into your new area.
That includes helping with all the practical things like registering with a local GP and dentist and collecting your BRP; applying for parking permits, advising on travel routes, local amenities, supermarkets and chemists; as well as recommending nurseries, local groups/clubs, sports/gym facilities, cafes and restaurants.

Anything that will make starting your new chapter that little bit easier, we can help.

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