Choosing a Home – The Feng Shui Perspective

Posted on September 12, 2014

When faced with the upheaval of a house move to a new area or new country, worrying about the Feng Shui of a property may appear to be one step too far. However, when so much in life is down to luck, is it worth considering ways to improve your chances of catching some of this luck and choosing the home that’s right for you?

The reality is that if you live in a property with good Feng Shui you have a cushion against many of life’s difficulties. It could be that more career opportunities occur or that hard work is more often rewarded, health is better and finances more robust. Put simply, life is less hard work.

This is a plus for anyone but is especially helpful when you are dealing with a new life in another country.

Because we can’t actually see energy we assume that it doesn’t exist, but how many of us get a ‘feeling’ when we enter a property? This is our reaction to the energy. Sometimes this feeling is a good one and other times its one of antipathy.

Feng Shui can identify far more than how nice a property feels when you view it; it can tell you if finances will flourish, whether the property is good for a long term home, a shorter stay (or no stay at all!), whether your children will be successful and healthy or badly behaved, whether your relationship will be under strain (or if you are single, whether the house will draw in a new partner).

Traditional Feng Shui is complicated and specific to each property, however there are some general points that are always relevant:

  • Avoid living near a graveyard, funeral home, hospital or doctor’s surgery.
  • The outlook of the property should be attractive not blocked by tall buildings, walls or trees.
  • Try to choose a property where there are balanced boundaries to the front to guide the energy into the home.
  • It is generally best if you can see the front door from the street.
  • Inside the property you shouldn’t be able to see right through from the front door through to the back, or immediately face the bathroom or the stairs as you come in the door.
  • The property should be light and bright – avoid basement properties unless there is plenty of natural daylight.
  • Do not choose a property that you think needs “looking after” – this is a sign that the energy is not supportive.

Happy House hunting!

This article was written by Maria Green, a Feng Shui Consultation Master who has trained and worked with one of the world’s top five Imperial Feng Shui Grand Masters for nearly 20 years. She regularly consults worldwide. She undertakes pre-rental and pre-purchase property assessments as well as full property consultations. For further details contact her at or on 07974 350459.

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